Is FM For You?

  • If you want a job with lots of variety, where no two days are the same, FM is for you.
  • If you’re a good communicator and like helping others, FM is for you.
  • If you like problem-solving and thinking on your feet, FM is for you.
  • If you care about the environment and want to make a difference, FM is for you.
  • If you’re interested in buildings and creating great spaces, FM is for you.
  • If you’re looking for a career with good job prospects, FM is for you.
  • If you want to learn and grow in your role, FM is for you.
  • If you’re interested in new technology, FM is for you.
  • If you want a job that pays well, FM is for you.
  • Curious? FM is for you!

What Do Facilities Managers Do?

Put simply, facilities managers look after buildings once they’re built. They oversee the strategic and operational management of facilities to ensure our public spaces and workplaces are safe, healthy, sustainable, productive and fit-for-purpose.

Airports, hospitals, banks, large offices, theatres, museums, film studios, universities, libraries, laboratories, shopping malls, urban parks, the Beehive, Scott Base, zoos … pretty much every facility you can think of has facilities managers working behind the scenes to ensure everything is running as it should be for the enjoyment, productivity and wellbeing of everyone using that space.

Custodians of the Built Environment

FMs make a vital contribution to the world as custodians of the built environment and have an important role to play in many of the seismic shifts taking place in the world – around sustainability, climate change, mental health, diversity and inclusion, leadership, technology, and new ways of working.

The Ultimate Enablers

Facilities managers contribute significantly to the success of an organisation by ensuring everyone is able to perform their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible. Just imagine how hard it would be to do your job well if your office was freezing, there was no running water, rubbish bins were overflowing, or you couldn’t charge your laptop.


FM is a great industry to get into if you want to make a real difference in the world. In the built environment, FMs lead the way in climate change initiatives, sustainability and the management of water, waste and energy.

Super Skilled Professionals

Facilities management is incredibly diverse. Some of the areas FMs need to be skilled in include project management, commercial acumen, teamwork and communication, and property management. For a full list of the skills you can acquire working in FM, see here.

The All-Rounders

No two roles are the same, but here are some of the things a facilities manager might do:

  • Oversee building projects and renovations
  • Ensure the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are maintained and running well
  • Manage the use of energy and water resources, and the disposal of waste
  • Be involved in building purchase and leasing negotiations
  • Keep occupants safe by ensuring fire safety systems, building codes etc. are up to date
  • Plan for business continuity during emergencies and natural disasters
  • Oversee cleaning and maintenance contracts
  • Plan how office space, furniture and technology are used, now and in the future
  • Oversee security, catering and vehicle fleets
  • Create strategic plans for future growth and new ways of working (where will everyone fit and what services will they need?)
  • Work with architects and design teams to ensure buildings not only look good, but work well too
  • Keep facilities up-to-date with societal changes e.g. provide charging stations for electric vehicles, compost bins for food scraps, standing desks and activity-based work areas


Excluding bonuses and add-ons, senior FMs on average earn $100,000 – $150,000 per year, mid-level FMs (3-4 years’ experience) earn $70,000 – $100,000, and junior FMs (1-2 years’ experience) can expect to be paid $55,000-$75,000.

Facilities Manager | Kaiwhakahaere Whakaurunga is featured as a career on the government’s Careers NZ website.

Job Titles

To keep things simple, we talk about ‘facilities managers’ but not everyone who works in FM has that title. They might be called operations manager, estates operations manager, facilities officer, property manager, asset manager, facility services manager, project manager, head of facilities, building manager, tenancy coordinator, contract manager, procurement manager, property officer, facilities coordinator, manager of facilities, business delivery manager, manager – asset planning and maintenance, property and resilience manager … and more.

Job Opportunities

There is strong demand for facilities managers in New Zealand, with many employers saying it’s difficult to find the right person for the job. This is good news for facilities managers looking for work as it (hopefully) means it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a job. In a member survey we conducted in 2018, 62% of respondents said they have been headhunted/offered a job directly by another company.

Faces of FM

There are a number of ways you can get into facilities management. Hear how some of our members got into the industry, what they love most about their profession and what advice they have to offer.


Tracy Massam CFMANZ

Pou Herenga Whai Rawa

Manager Asset Planning with Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC).


Delwyn Miles FFMANZ

Head of Property Management

Te Whatu Ora Waikato


Mike Smillie AFMANZ

National Facilities Manager

DB Breweries


Andy Gordon MFMANZ

Mā tanga Rawa - Senior Adviser, Facilities Management

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade | Manatū Aorere


Natasha Baldwin MFMANZ

National Compliance Manager

Department of Corrections and Ministry of Justice AM/FM Contract with Downer


Angela Poole MFMANZ

Facilities Manager

Colliers New Zealand


Harvey Roberts

Manager of Facilities (Tech)

Air New Zealand


Kendra Wallace FFMANZ

Director Business Solutions

Kingfisher Group


Natasja Barnard

Terminal Facilities Manager

Christchurch International Airport Limited


Matt Milligan CFMANZ

Head of Property

Spark Arena / QPAM Ltd


Ross Willetts

Facilities Maintenance Team Leader

Hamilton City Council


Adam Garrett

Facilities Head of Department (HOD)

Wētā FX


Anthony Goldsmith AFMANZ

Facilities Manager

Metlifecare Retirement Villages


Courtney Swann

Contract Manager - Compliance BGIS

Emerging FM Professional 2022


Mark Fogarin MFMANZ

Senior Facilities Manager

Bayleys Property Services


Rory Chacko CFMANZ

Estates Operations Manager,

Auckland University of Technology


Raden Chavez

Site Services Manager

Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd (Takanini Site)


Marius Nortje

Field Operations Manager – Projects & Building Services,

UMS (NZ) Ltd


Stuart Byrant CFMANZ

Head of Facilities, SkyCity


Phoenix Lavin

Design and Construction Interface Manager, Programmed Facility Management


Simi Mukherjee CFMANZ

Head of Facilities Management, PMG Funds Management Ltd


John Hutchings

Account Director

Westpac NZ and Auckland International Airport


Bruce Kenning CFFMANZ

Manager, Planning & Advisory

Government Property Group (MBIE)


Hannah Welsby

Facilities Manager

IAG with Cushman & Wakefield


Tayla Capazorio

Facilities Management Intern



Tracy Massam CFMANZ

Pou Herenga Whai Rawa

Manager Asset Planning with Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC).


Anthony Van Meer CFFMANZ

Buildings Asset Management Leader

with WSP


Getting Started In FM

There are a number of ways you can get into FM. Some facilities managers learn on the job, working their way up from an entry level administration position or through one of the trades. Others enter the industry via a degree, either in facilities management or a related field, like property, building science or engineering. And others start working in FM straight from school.

Cadetship Programme

Combining practical on-the-job work experience with part-time study, our cadetship programme (in development) will be great news for young people interested in gaining a real understanding of FM.

Tertiary Qualifications

There has never been a better time to study facilities management in New Zealand, with Massey University now offering entry-level FM university qualifications.

Watch: What FMs Do & Why Their Role is So Important

Watch: Careers in FM – Advice from Experienced FMs

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