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FM Involvement in Design Phase Positively Influences Outcomes

By February 19, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

A recent BRANZ report makes the case for involving FM professionals early in the building design phase. The report found that early engagement of FM practitioners in planning and development, particularly in relation to building whole-of-life performance as well as whole-of-life costs, has potential to add significant value. “Early FM engagement contributes towards the three realms of building quality – functionality, durability and performance. FM practitioners use their operational knowledge to ensure buildings are designed in a way that can be sustainably and safely managed.”

Jointly funded by FMANZ and the BRANZ Building Research Levy, the Facilities Management Industry Census canvassed 255 people working in the industry via an online survey, including 168 facilities management practitioners and 32 ‘purchasers’ (FM clients and/or building owners). BRANZ researchers Nick Brunsdon and Anne Duncan also carried out follow-up interviews around FM involvement in design and construction. For the full report, check out our Resources page.